Great Harvest is Great Nutrition

What's in Our Bread?

Soon we will have ingredients for all our bread listed in the menu. If you have questions about anything that we sell, just stop in or give us a call at (703)671-8678 and we will be happy to answer them. You can also visit the Great Harvest Franchise at  for more information.

About Our Bread

Nature knows best
Great Harvest bread is an excellent choice for people interested in good health and nutrition! Whole wheat products are naturally low in fat, while containing high levels of complex carbohydrates and fiber. At Great Harvest we stone-grind out Montana spring wheat. We use the entire wheat berry -- nothing added, nothing taken away.

All calories are not created equal
Although our calorie counts are similar to other breads, the natural bran, vitamin-E-rich wheat germ, B-vitamins, protein, and iron, as well as the lack of fats and preservatives make Great Harvest breads outstandingly nutritious.

"Nutritious into Delicious"
Believe it or not, good nutrition is not our primary goal! Our whole reason for being here is to make the best, tastiest loaf of bread we can. Our motto is "BREAD, KEEP IT SIMPLE." Good, natural nutrition is just a bonus!

About our ingredients
In addition to the finest, freshly ground, high protein wheat flour, our breads contain only the best ingredients we can find. We DO NOT use preservatives in any of our breads. All of our basic breads contain LITTLE or NO FAT -- just good, wholesome, guilt-free nutrition!

Visit the Home Office website for more Information
The Great Harvest Home Office website has lots of great information about our wheat and the importance of complex carbohydrates to everyone's diet.

Our Low Carb Bread

Our Low Carb Breads work great for Atkins and South Beach diets as well as diabetics. All our Low Carb Breads use our Whole-Grain Low Carb Flax Seed as a base. It is made with our fresh ground whole wheat flour, honey, oat bran, wheat bran, water, yeast, tofu, eggs, olive oil, vital high gluten, and flax meal.

The great news is that it has only 6 grams of effective carbs and 2 grams of fat for a one ounce slice! Check out the menu to see what we're making this month!

Nutrition Information

Here is information about some of our most popular breads.